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Hands-on tech services have been around for decades, over this time they evolved quite a bit. The focus of these services is to fix servers or computers problems when you need it. With the COVID-19 pandemic lots of companies were forced to offer alternative work arrangements, this again showed the importance of a reliable data center infrastructure. The bigger part of this infrastructure is managed in colocation facilities. Data center providers like TeleSol Group offer both remote hands as well as smart hands services to help you with the online infrastructure of your company. Which solution is best fitting for your company? In this blog the differences between the services are explained.

What are “Remote Hands” services?

With Remote Hands Services there’s typically no on-site presence, this way the client doesn’t have to be present at the colocation facility. TeleSol Group can offer 24/7 Remote Hands assistance. Remote hands services usually are used by IT managers when they are leasing a space far away from their physical location. The big up-side is that the services can be deployed round the clock, when your IT operations go down in the middle of the night no technical staff is needed to be send to the colocation facility.

What are “Smart Hands ” services?

Smart hands are an on-site physical and complex services, a technician will come to your office and fix the problem on the spot. This means there is no more worry about remote access or security.  Smart Hands Services are usually more complex tasks, these tasks need someone physically present in the colocation to deal with. Smart Hands Engineers of TeleSol Group have a leading role on site, this is because of the additional knowledge and experiences they possess.

When you are a part of a growing company, it’s not ideal to have an IT team that manually handles all operations within this data center. Smart Hands Services strengthen the data infrastructure of companies without compromising their productivity!

Remote hands VS Smart Hands

As you can see, the two services are similar but there are important differences. Remote Hands often include initial support services, including remote IT support being kept to a minimum. Smart Hands Services offer complicated IT services beyond what is initially provided by colocation facilities, like troubleshooting complex problems, testing, etc.

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