Rack and stack

The process of equipment installation and cabling, commonly known as ‘rack and stack,’ is a critical component of ensuring efficient data center operations. It involves the meticulous assembly, mounting, and organization of computer hardware, including servers, routers, network equipment, and cables, within a rack. This process can be carried out either at our state-of-the-art facilities before shipping or directly on-site at customer premises or data centers.

Key aspects of our rack and stack service include:

Professional Installation: Our experienced team of professionals ensures that all equipment is installed and configured properly, maximizing performance and minimizing on-site maintenance time.

Project Management Oversight: Our dedicated Project Managers oversee the entire process, ensuring seamless execution and reducing the risk of disruption to the existing network setup.

Equipment Preparation Options: We offer two options for equipment preparation. The first involves staging at our advanced facilities, followed by worldwide shipping. Alternatively, we can organize on-site installation directly at customer premises or data centers, depending on your specific requirements.

By leveraging our expertise in rack and stack operations, we can help streamline deployment, simplify maintenance processes, and enhance overall operational efficiency for your business.

Partner with us to benefit from efficient equipment installation, optimized performance, and improved operational productivity.

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