Project Management

Our project management processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience are to achieve specific project objectives according to the project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters. Project management has final deliverables constrained to a finite timescale and budget. We will follow all steps needed to achieve the project completion to high standards, observing and practicing the Prince 2 foundation.

Our Project management team will follow your global deployment, upgrades, expansions, and decommissions. Our single point of communication is managing the contact with local project lead engineers and ensuring you’re kept up to date with day-to-day reporting progress.

Project managers will follow up on projects giving you the best experience knowledge of the global markets. Time differences and other bottlenecks are not your worries.

TeleSol Group has reached a high knowledge through experiences in delivering numerous projects. Our team can assist with every stage of a technical project, from planning to validation. TeleSol Group meticulously plans the allocation of resources and materials required to deliver projects to an excellent standard. Our project managers ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and on the scope.


Global media equipment deployment
Dynamic deployments of media equipment for sporting events.

Numerous large-scale metro networks
Entire networks are deployed across multiple locations.

Carrier network equipment upgrades
Hardware upgrades of large carrier network equipment.

Media streaming platform deployments
Media editing and broadcasting centers.

Critical network migrations
Migration of network equipment and connections.

Global CPE deployments
Network equipment was installed at the sites of major corporations.

Staging and pre-commissioning
Your Network equipment will be prepared in our cleanroom facilities for a plug-and-play deployment.

Office support
Installation of auxiliary equipment like thin clients, monitors, keyboards, and printers, preparing laptops for new employees.

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