SLA 8 hours to site 

An SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 8 hours to site indicates that TeleSol Group commits to responding to incidents or infrastructure needs within a maximum of 8 hours. This SLA is typically utilized for situations with a moderate impact on uptime or when addressing issues on the secondary or failed redundant side of the network.

This SLA can also be associated with Priority 3 (Moderate) incident tickets, which are incidents that have a lower impact on operations compared to critical or high-priority incidents. Depending on the specific network setup and redundancy, this SLA ensures a timely on-site response to address and resolve moderate incidents.

By adhering to this SLA, TeleSol Group demonstrates its commitment to addressing moderate impact incidents promptly and effectively. Our goal is to minimize the impact on operations, restore network functionality, and ensure the smooth operation of your infrastructure.

It’s important to note that SLA terms and conditions, including response time and incident classification, may vary based on individual agreements and the specific requirements of your network infrastructure. TeleSol Group works closely with clients to tailor SLAs that align with their needs and provide the appropriate level of support for incidents categorized as moderate priority.

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