SLA 4 hours to site 

An SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 4 hours to site indicates that TeleSol Group commits to responding to critical incidents or infrastructure needs within a maximum of 4 hours, ensuring a prompt on-site presence to address the situation.

This SLA is typically utilized for critical infrastructure where immediate action is vital to minimize downtime and mitigate potential risks. Additionally, it can also be applied to Priority 1 (Critical) and Priority 2 (High) incident tickets, depending on the redundancy of your network.

By adhering to this SLA, TeleSol Group guarantees a timely and efficient response, providing necessary support and resolving critical issues within the specified timeframe. This commitment to rapid on-site assistance helps maintain the continuity and reliability of your infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption and maximizing uptime.

It’s important to note that specific SLA terms and conditions, including response time and incident classification, may vary based on individual agreements and the specific requirements of your network infrastructure. TeleSol Group works closely with clients to tailor SLAs that align with their needs and provide the level of support required for their critical operations.

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