Smart Hands

Smart Hands

Smart hands will allow you to work with a Smart Hands (Level 2) and Smart Hands + (Level 3) Engineer.

Smart hands Engineer supports all necessary tasks described under the Remote Hands description page, with the additional knowledge and experiences allow it to have a leading role on site. It will be able to on-site lead the build new point of presence, metro networks, amplification sites, marin landing sites, customer premises network.

Our Smart Hands (Level 2) Engineer is capable of:

L2 Smart Hands Engineer understands:

  • Working within the datacentre house rules
  • Understanding of racks/enclosures and various ducting
  • understands of ESD and makes sure it is consistently applied
  • Understanding telecoms/vendor circuits
  • Understanding of electromagnetic interference
  • Organised cabling of Copper cables
  • Troubleshooting Copper cabling
  • Understanding and working with different types of Optic connections
  • Understanding and working with different types Optic modules and apliances (SFP,QSFP, RAMAN etc.)
  • Organised fiber cabling with cable management lead role
  • Patching of fibers with Patchboxes and Tieboxes lead role
  • Patching of fibers with Breakout cables lead role
  • Fiber cleaning using Fiber Scope lead role
  • Troubleshooting Fiber Optic cabling circuits
  • Understanding of WDM, DWDM & CWDM
  • Understanding of Amplifiers
  • Identifying devices by hostname/PN/SN
  • Performing Commands (Linux CLI)
  • Performing Wifi Surveys
  • Optical Power Meter (light reading)
  • Network Cable test
  • RFC-2544 test (1G / 10G / 100G)
  • Bit Error Rate test (BER test)
Smart Hands
Smart Hands

L2 Smart Hands Engineer can help you with:

  • Racking and Stacking of servers
  • Replacing Pluggables, Optics, Line cards and other router modules, Motherboards, RAM, NICs, CPUs etc,
  • Patching Network (copper) cables
  • Providing Remote console access (Anydesk / Teamviewer)
  • Termination of RJ11/RJ45 connectors
  • Rack-mounting equipment correctly
  • Equipment Decommissioning
  • Packing equipment for shipping
  • Performing Site Surveys
  • Pop Build (assist)
  • Structured Cabling (assist)
  • Earth Wiring with cable lugs
  • Work in BIOS (e.g. set STATIC IP for servers/Node (IPMI))
  • Troubleshooting Copper cabling
  • Providing extensive Completion notes
  • Packing equipment with proper packaging material for shipping
  • Updating Inventory files (cables)
  • Fiber troubleshooting (basic)
  • Optical Power Meter (light reading)
  • Optic installs (SFP,QSFP, etc.)
  • RFC & BER testing (basic)
  • Performing Commands (Windows CMD) – basic
  • Performing Commands (Linux CLI) – basic
  • Fiber cleaning using Fiber Scope
  • Understanding of WDM, DWDM & CWDM (basic)
  • Network Hardware maintenance (line cards)
  • Pop Build (lead)
  • Structured Cabling (lead)

Our Smart Hands + (Level 3) Engineer gives you the ultimate experienced support on-site and can do the most complex project and analytical solutions. Fauld finding and resolution are at the core of the L3 Engineer. You will get senior advice from site resolution proposals.

Next to a senior leading role on projects and mission-critical networks, the Smart Hands + L3 Engineers support the following additional items:

L3 Smart Hands + Engineer additionally understands:

  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
  • Fiber troubleshooting (advanced)
  • Y.1564 tests
  • Fluke tests
  • RFC & BER testing  1/10/100g (advanced)
  • Performing Commands (Windows CMD) - advanced
  • CWDM Analyzer
  • Understanding of WDM, DWDM & CWDM (advanced)
  • Communication Media Analyzer (CMA4000)
  • CD/PMD
  • Fiber Fusion Splicing
  • EtherSAM tests
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA)
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Test & Turn Up
  • Project Leading role

L3 Smart Hands + Engineer can additionally help you with:

  • Multiple stakeholders communication
  • The leading role in Upgrades and migrations
  • Project Leading role
  • Configuration switches and routers
  • Commissioning various vendor equipment
  • Lead multiple location network rollouts and upgrades

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