Structured cabling and patching

Structured Cabling
Copper & Fiber optic structured cabling installation

Structured cabling interconnects between the cabinets and is used as the basic infrastructure interconnect.

Each connection is tested before service activation. The structured cabling system is a complete system of cabling and associated hardware (patch panels, ranger panels, etc.). It provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure and supports the performance of an organization’s cabling system or network.

Cross-connect extension & network device to host equipment patching

Our teams place cross-connect patching in the data center or point of presence locations and collocations.

By using the additional patch panels that mirror the connected ports of the equipment, you practically move the boundary of the connection from the critical equipment to a patch frame, increasing security and eliminating unnecessary damage to the equipment.

We are creating a separate patching area where any equipment port can be extended to any other equipment port using patch cords at the front of the panels.

The cross-connect patching is made using coaxial copper or fiber cable fiber. We develop secure demarcation points and would give specific individuals (like data center engineers) a safer environment to work on.

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