Certified disposal

At TeleSol Group, we prioritize responsible and environmentally friendly disposal of IT waste. We collaborate with trusted local partners who specialize in proper disposal, destruction, and recycling of equipment. These partners adhere to industry standards and provide certificates of recycling as evidence of the appropriate handling, processing, disposal, and recycling of IT waste.

Key aspects of our certified disposal service include:

Verification and Validation: Upon receiving a detailed list of equipment to be disposed of, our team will visit the site to verify and validate all the necessary details. This ensures accurate documentation and a clear understanding of the equipment to be disposed of.

Equipment Removal and Transport: We handle the safe removal and transportation of the equipment to designated disposal facilities. Our processes comply with industry standards to ensure the secure handling and transport of IT waste.

Destruction According to Standards: The disposal facility follows industry standards for the destruction of equipment. This guarantees that all sensitive data is securely eliminated and that the equipment is properly processed.

Certificates of Destruction: Upon completion of the disposal process, we provide a certificate of destruction. This certificate serves as proof that the equipment has been securely destroyed and eliminates any concerns regarding data security.

By partnering with TeleSol Group, you can be confident that your IT waste will be disposed of in a responsible and compliant manner. Our certified disposal services offer peace of mind, ensuring that your sensitive data is protected and that your equipment is recycled appropriately.

Contact us to learn more about our certified disposal services and how we can assist you in managing the secure disposal of your IT equipment.

These suggestions aim to provide a clearer and more concise description of the certified disposal service, emphasizing the responsible handling and secure destruction of IT waste, as well as the provision of certificates as proof of compliance.

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