Critical Spare Part Management

TeleSol Group boasts a logistics operation that includes warehouses around the Globe and manages several local lease stocks on our customers’ premises. At the core of TeleSol Group’s logistics operation lies a world-class stock management process. TeleSol Group has years of experience managing stock levels to assist our respected customers. The logistics solution can be tailored to fulfill the needs of individual customers and can be integrated into a KPI-related SLA.

Critical spare parts are stored in the proximity of your active network locations. They are accessible by our network engineers to fulfill the critical service level agreements. No more waiting for critical spare part delivery. We pick it up and go to the site.

RMA management
RMA management manages your return flows. Case and serial number registration show whether warranty conditions cover products. Our scanning processes and administrative systems support this. With RMA management, we can also manage your return flows to repairers or OEMs and perform quality and performance measurements.

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