Remote Hands

Remote Hands

Remote Hands (Level 1) will enable you to have a technical experienced field engineer capable of working in a data center environment and customer premises and support all your remote requirements as if you are yourself on site.

L1 Engineer understands the telecommunication environment and the industry-standard procedures of the datacentre environment (access, rules, HVAC,Fire suppression,etc.) The Engineer uses professional and clear English communication with the remote support network engineer verbal, through email or any chat application. Furthermore:

L1 Remote Hands Engineer understands:

  • Working within the datacentre house rules
  • Understanding of racks/enclosures and various ducting
  • Understands of ESD and makes sure it is consistently applied
  • Understanding telecoms/vendor circuits
  • Understanding of electromagnetic interference
Remote Hands
Remote Hands

L1 Remote Hands Engineer can help you with:

  • Racking and Stacking of servers
  • Replacing Pluggables, Optics, Line cards and other router modules, Motherboards,  RAM, NICs, CPUs etc,
  • Patching Network (copper) cables
  • Providing Remote console access (Anydesk / Teamviewer)
  • Termination of RJ11/RJ45 connectors
  • Rack-mounting equipment correctly
  • Equipment Decommissioning
  • Packing equipment for shipping
  • Performing Site Surveys
  • Pop Build (assist)
  • Structured Cabling (assist)
  • Earth Wiring with cable lugs
  • Work in BIOS (e.g. set STATIC IP for servers/Node (IPMI))
  • Troubleshooting Copper cabling,
  • Providing extensive Completion notes
  • Packing equipment with proper packaging material for shipping
  • Updating Inventory files (cables)


For higher technical level support, please look at Smart Hands (Level 2) and Smart Hands + (Level 3)

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