Network maintenance

TeleSol Group offers the maintenance of all active network components of your network infrastructure. The transport layer (the backbone of your network), marine landing stations, ILA sites, server farms, or office desk support. We do that under a variety of service-level agreements.

We can provide an on-site response on different technical levels depending on the uptime and your KPIs. We call it “On-site Technical Support”. It is a part of Reactive and Preventive maintenance.

Our Predictive maintenance is closely related to the Network Monitoring services.

Reactive maintenance:

Reactive maintenance serves only one purpose—to address problems when they arise.

Maintenance activities are triggered by equipment malfunctions, setbacks, and failures. Broken-down machines and components are either repaired or replaced. Break and Fix.

Maximum utilization and production value from assets.

Unplanned downtime.
Potential for further damage to the asset.
Higher maintenance cost.


Preventive maintenance:

Performing regular equipment inspections, cleaning and upgrading essential equipment, and tidying your cabling is preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance aims to prevent equipment failure before it occurs and reduce the risk of accidents and malfunctions.

Lower maintenance cost.
Less equipment malfunction and unplanned downtime.

Need for spare parts and inventory management.
Increased planned downtime.
Maintenance of seemingly perfect assets.


Predictive maintenance:

Predictive maintenance uses data-driven, proactive maintenance methods designed to analyze equipment conditions and help predict when maintenance should be performed.

Predictive Maintenance allows for safety compliance, preemptive corrective actions, and increased asset life by looking ahead and knowing what failure is likely to occur when pre-emptive investigations, maintenance schedule adjustments, and repairs can be performed before the asset fails.

Our Network Operation Center performs all monitoring tasks using the most sophisticated software.

Overview of historical events of the health of the network.
Analytics options.
Removes the necessity to run to failure or replace parts during the life cycle.

Upfront infrastructure management.
Complex system and technology implementation requirements as well as a 24/7 Network Operation. Center NOC that TeleSol Group provides.

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