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Placing hardware inside a datacenter, into cabinets and racks is called rack and stack. A rack and stack occur when equipment is assembled into a rack before being transported (stacked) to a data center for deployment. You can instantly take advantage of the floor space in your data center, while racking and stacking your server racks. This reduces the waiting time between placing the rack on the floor and using it. But before we delve into rack and stack, there are a few things to consider. 

Rack integration  

First, what is rack integration? Rack integration is the process of testing, assembling and programming equipment in a way that is logical in your rack.  You can do this with your own team or with rack integration services. Rack integration services have become a popular service for equipping and testing server racks. TeleSol Group can assist you with every step from design to equipment installation and cabling and to delivery. You can start using your data center right away by stacking server racks on top of each other. A good implementation will reduce latency and allow the ‘rack’ to be deployed faster. TeleSol Group specialists are used to ensure that the process runs successfully.  

What to consider when racking and stacking?  

There are several things that need to be considered when racking and stacking.  

  1. Rack height 

The taller the rack, the more unstable it is. This is important when actually ‘stacking’ the racks.  

  1. Rack mount equipment 

Almost any device can be added to a server rack during the rack-and-stack process. This includes servers, network devices, cables, rails, cable management trays, etc. However, the weight of all these devices must not exceed the dynamic load capacity of the rack. It is important to consider the amount and weight that will fit in each rack.  

Equipment for rack & stack 

There are several equipment’s which are crucial for racking and stacking. Like for example, heavy duty server rack, this is important when racking and stacking. Further shock pallets and ramps are important for racking and stacking. These make sure that any potential blows will absorb.  

Racking and stacking by TeleSol Group 

While your servers can be at the heart of your organization’s success, maintaining and assembling your servers can be challenging. Racking and stacking is an elementary procedure, but if done incorrectly this procedure could lead to a disastrous outcome. TeleSol Group is here to assist you in this process. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you have any questions about racking and stacking.