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A strategic partnership based on trust

Salute Mission Critical provides services through all stages of the data center life cycle. With a combination of disciplined execution and proprietary tools Salute technicians provide mission critical services with military precision.  This includes but is not limited to:  smart hands, facility operations and maintenance and energy stewardship.  The company was founded in the USA and its core mission is to solve two problems simultaneously which is underemployment of military veterans and the severe personnel shortage in the industry.  Its global expansion has provided its clients with global consistency in their data center operations and allowed veterans from many countries to participate. Salute and TeleSol Group have found synergy in their combined strengths and through collaboration and partnership this combined team can do more for its clients.

Andjelko Marjanovic, Managing Director of TeleSol Group: “Working within data centers and data center maintenance requires working according to strict principles and procedures. Discipline and good listening is essential. Because of their experience, ex-military personnel are perfectly suited for this.”
Kristen Vosmaer, President & Managing Director Europe Salute Mission Critical: “The military training does indeed offer a lot of advantages. Salute processes and procedures are a best of breed balance of military and civilian practices. This was the foundation of the training program that is continuously evolving as technology and lessons learned are incorporated.  The military training and experience produce a workforce that is disciplined and mission focused and staying calm under pressure is a natural and needed in mission critical environment. With Salute, we have brought a new operating model to the industry and are helping to transform careers as well as providing new talent in the data center world.”

Working within data centres requires discipline, good listening and strict principles

Andjelko: “About 2 or 2.5 years ago Telesol and Salute started working together. At that time Telesol needed a partner in the USA to provide optimal service to our customers there. At the time, we hesitated whether to set up something ourselves or to work with a good and reliable local partner. The latter is often better. In Salute we found the good and reliable partner we were looking for. The cooperation with Salute also allowed us to cover the entire region.”
Kristen: “During this period Salute was experiencing phenomenal global growth for smart hands services.  The Telesol network proved advantageous and together we were able to provide quality services to our clients.  This partnership flourished because of our mutual commitment to transparency and cooperation and has proven to be a win for the industry as we continue to grow.”

Trust and quality form the basis for the cooperation

Andjelko: “A cooperation of this strategic nature is special. Trust and delivering what you promise in a high-quality manner are the basis for this. This is really the core of the cooperation and this is where Telesol and Salute find each other. This is also how Telesol in general pursues long-term cooperation’s with all its customers and partners.
Kristen: “This symbiotic relationship has developed because of our shared values and cultural alignment.  We both share a passion for operational excellence and transparency in all that we do. This trust fosters a highly optimal environment for planning and coordinating activity rapidly and being able to flex to meet new client requirements.  When two high quality, high speed organizations come together and build a bond of trust, it changes from simply adding capabilities and reach to a multiplier effect because you can grow together and far exceed client expectations.”

About the client

Salute Mission Critical uniquely addresses the critical infrastructure facility management needs of hyperscalers, colo providers and edge operators. Built by military veterans, Salute brings robust processes and skilled staff who are precise, professional and adept at performing in mission critical environments.