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Client: [Confidential]


TeleSol Group was tasked with expanding the network infrastructure for (customers) data centers located throughout the Netherlands and Sweden. The project aimed to improve connectivity, reliability, and performance to support (customers) growing regional operations.

Project Scope:

Installation of equipment in various data centers across the Netherlands and Sweden.

Preparation of ducting and structured cabling to ensure connectivity.

Testing of structured cabling to validate performance and reliability.

Conducting CD PMD testing between metro pop sites.

Performing 48-hour 100 gigabit error testing and 24-hour RFC testing.

Microscopic and cleaning of all fiber optic connectors.

Test and turn up of the entire network infrastructure.

Challenges Faced:

Tight timelines requiring meticulous planning and execution.

Complex installations across multiple data center locations.

Rigorous testing requirements to ensure optimal performance.

Coordination with various stakeholders including (customers) internal teams and data center staff.

Solution Provided:

TeleSol Group implemented a comprehensive solution to address (customers) network infrastructure requirements. This included:

Deploying a highly skilled team to manage installations and testing processes efficiently.

Utilizing advanced testing methodologies and equipment to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Implementing strict quality assurance measures to validate the integrity and performance of the network infrastructure.

Leveraging effective communication and collaboration tools to coordinate activities with all stakeholders.

Results and Achievements:

Successful installation and testing of network equipment across all data center locations within the specified timeframe.

Improved network performance and reliability, enhancing (customers) operations in the Netherlands and Sweden.

Positive feedback from (customer) regarding the quality and reliability of the network infrastructure.

Seamless integration with (customers) existing systems and infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

Lessons Learned:

Importance of thorough planning and coordination to meet tight deadlines.

Significance of investing in advanced testing equipment and methodologies to ensure compliance with rigorous standards.

Value of effective communication and collaboration in complex projects involving multiple stakeholders.


The successful completion of this project underscores TeleSol Group’s expertise in deploying and managing advanced network infrastructure solutions. By delivering reliable connectivity and enhanced performance, TeleSol Group has played a crucial role in supporting (customers) operations in the Netherlands and Sweden. We look forward to continuing our partnership with (customer) and contributing to future initiatives aimed at driving innovation and excellence in network infrastructure.