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The year 2022 finished with numbers that best represent Telesol Group. With the team growth and new international clients, we can proudly boast that we work in over 2,500 cities on a monthly basis, in more than 90 countries all over the world.

It’s no secret though, we love our numbers. Data not only helps us to inform our decisions, but it inspires us too.

Some of the great feedback we’ve received from our partners and clients helped us to make this work easier.

These numbers show us how far our reach can go: From the most common points in the US over the tiny islands of Cabo Verde to the Philippines, and all points in between!

We all must admit, these numbers have been pretty tough to get our heads around and while we are thrilled that our business grows, the credit sits firmly with our NOC and field teams all over the world.

Now, Let`s share some of the highlights in 2022!

Number of Service Appointments
Number of countries served
Number of cities served