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As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming industry events where our CEO, Andjelko Marjanovic, will be sharing insights and networking, we are thrilled to highlight Telesol Group, a one of the leading players in the telecommunications industry. Telesol Group’s strength, global presence, and commitment to innovation align perfectly with our mission to drive progress and connectivity worldwide.

**Worldwide Presence:**

Telesol Group’s footprint spans across continents, delivering seamless connectivity solutions to customers worldwide. From Africa to Europe, Asia to the Americas, Telesol Group’s extensive network ensures reliable communication services in diverse environments, empowering remote communities with internet access or supporting multinational corporations with enterprise solutions.

**Book a Meeting with Our CEO:**

Are you interested in exploring partnership opportunities with Telesol Group or discussing the future of telecommunications? Book a meeting with our CEO, Andjelko Marjanovic, to learn more about how our collaboration can accelerate your business objectives and drive innovation in the telecom industry.

To schedule a tete-a-tete meeting with Andjelko Marjanovic, please follow up future events or send the enquiry on sales@telesolgroup.com

**Upcoming Events with Andjelko Marjanovic:**

1. **International Telecoms Week (ITW)**

   – **Date:** May 12-15, 2024

   – **Location:** Washington

2. **Datacloud Global Congress**

   – **Date:** June 4-6, 2024

   – **Location:** Cannes

3. **CCT 2024**

   – **Date:** June 17-19, 2024

   – **Location:** Dublin

We are excited and look forward to connecting with you at these upcoming events. Together, we will shape the future of telecommunications and drive positive change on a global scale.

Find more about us on www.telesolgroup.com

Best Regards,

Telesol Group Team