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Site survey by TeleSol Group

Before starting a deployment of hardware, a site survey in Telecom is necessary. TeleSol Group can help you with the deployment of infrastructure and equipment. TeleSol Group offers a lot of services concerning the deployment of infrastructure and equipment. For example, the site survey in data centres in Monaco. The goal for a site survey in data centres is to collect information. After all the information is collected, there can be decided what needs to be done before the deployment can start.

The process of the site survey

The site survey by the TeleSol Group can be carried out in Monaco. The process begins with the documented inspection of the building access procedure. After this is successfully finished, the security, colocation space inspection and power inspection is carried out. Further, we have a checklist that makes sure that all the information is collected. This is useful to successfully perform a site survey in Monaco  

Your international partner for a site survey

We do not have boundaries and are able to perform in Monaco. We have a lot of experience in countries over the whole world. The TeleSol Group offers many solutions in the IT sector. One of our services is the site survey in Telecom. Our team is not limited to one region, site survey in data centres can be carried out in Monaco.  

Core values of the TeleSol Group

The TeleSol Group values high quality for all our customers. Next to that we value commitment to all our customers, responsibility of our services, seamless collaboration, flexibility and efficiency. The TeleSol Group keeps the core values in mind when making decisions. These values ensure us to make our services successful.

More about the site survey

Do you want more information? Feel free to get in touch with us! The TeleSol Group is your reliable partner to successfully install infrastructure and equipment for any network deployment. We can perform a smooth site survey and we are happy to assist you.

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