Optic Fiber Installation In Hungary

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With 10 years of experience in the telecom business we started in 2006 as a provider of quality network material and consumables in Hungary. Soon we saw ourselves designing the architecture of data center networks. One part of our business is designing client data center infrastructures. At present we can take any job in the telecommunication field, from designing network infrastructure to implementation and maintenance on the network of our international clients to reselling network equipment and complete data center solutions. If you are setting up a remote site in any of our international locations, we can offer "24/7 remote hands" assistance for Optic fiber installation.

A professional and experienced team of experts

TeleSol Group provides high-quality on-site technical support to a wide range of enterprises, including international network service providers, financial institutions, media service providers, cloud service providers and major IT equipment suppliers. TeleSol Group employs a team of technicians who provide data center support in all major Internet exchanges. Our team has a wide range of skills, from hardware troubleshooting to design configuration. Whether working as a team on a large-scale project or working independently, our technical staff can maintain the high level of professionalism that customers expect. TeleSol Group provides quality on-site technical support for Optic fiber installation to a wide range of businesses, including international network service providers, financial institutions, media service providers, cloud service providers, and major IT equipment vendors.

Telecom infrastructure for your company in Hungary

If you want to quickly set up, expand or adjust/change your network, TeleSol Group is your reliable partner who can help you with this. TeleSol Group can adopt a project-based approach to organize and execute professional installations of various network components anywhere in the world, including your company in Hungary. TeleSol Group can install any infrastructure equipment required for network deployment. We can assist you in making some small adjustments to the network, such as adding a small amount of equipment to the existing network and building the core network infrastructure in the new data center.

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Attracted to challenges of innovation aiming improvement of ICT services for appropriate realization of business strategies. Our team is ready to support technical issues on a wide range of networks and equipment, including Optic fiber installation. We own the ability to anticipate fast in socially different composed and politically influenced environments. Looking for a specific solution for your company in Hungary? Please contact us!

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