Site survey in Guernsey

Site survey in Guernsey

TeleSol Group is your reliable partner to make sure the deployment of infrastructure and equipment are adequately completed. TeleSol Group offers various datacenter services. One of the services we offer is site survey in data centres in Guernsey. In Telecom, a site survey is necessary before starting a deployment of hardware. The aim for a site survey in data centres is to collect information. When the information is collected, there can be determined what needs to be done before the deployment can start. Therefore, the site survey in Telecom contributes to limiting downtime and outages in data centres during and after the deployment of hardware.  

The site survey procedure in data centres

The first thing that needs to be done when carrying out a site survey in data centres is a documented inspection of the building access procedure. Further the site survey contains security, colocation space inspection and power inspection. The checklist makes sure that all the information is collected to successfully carry out a site survey in Guernsey. The checklist contains of capturing details of the facility, customer cage, customer racks and photos of customer cage and racks. Some items of the checklist depend on the specific customer requirements.

TeleSol Group in Guernsey

TeleSol Group has a lot of experience in the Telecom solutions industry. Besides, TeleSol Group works worldwide and has already covered 30 countries. The TeleSol Group offers many solutions for telecommunication and the IT-sector. For example, the site survey in data centres. Our team is not limited to one region, site survey in data centres can be carried out all over the world, including Guernsey.  

About TeleSol Group

The goal of the TeleSol Group is to provide high quality and meet the expectations of our customers. The team of TeleSol Group consists of entrepreneurs, and we are all attracted to challenges. We want to improve ICT services and realize business strategies. Our goal is to make every project successful and we want to put a lot of energy into every project.

Site survey of the TeleSol Group

The TeleSol Group is your partner to successfully install infrastructure and equipment for any network deployment. TeleSol Group can assist you with performing a site survey and after that we can help you with the hardware deployment. Do you want assistance with site survey and hardware deployment in Guernsey? Feel free to get in touch with us!

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