Smart hands in Bamako

TeleSol Group is exactly where you need them 

TeleSol Group can help you at any time with tasks like fixing errors, automated maintenance, and the configuration of the firewall when your IT team is not located nearby your facility. These tasks require high quality solutions and are not easy to solve yourself. Our team will perform these tasks through the Remote Hands and Smart Hands service. We offer our services 24/7, you can deploy our specialists at any time, wherever you are. 

Tasks of our technicians  

Our technicians have the required certification and skills to solve any problem. The most common tasks of Smart Hands are to provide help with the storage, servers and networks of companies. Whether you need to install the network or configurate the firewall, Our employees have years of experience. Our Smart Hands service in Bamako is like no other. We work with organizations in a variety of industries on a regular basis.  

International partner in the telecommunications and IT sector  
The TeleSol Group was founded in 2006 in Amsterdam. TeleSol Group started with selling telecommunication network infrastructure components, such as copper and fibre optic cables and patch panels. We quickly expanded to serve customers anywhere in the world. TeleSol Group continues to grow and offers a wide range of services to meet the requirements of the clients. TeleSol Group provides high quality Smart Hands services to clients such as financial institutions, media service providers, cloud service providers and major IT equipment vendors. 

About TeleSol Group 
We are entrepreneurs that aim to find creative and innovative solutions. TeleSol Group wants to improve constantly, and our employees have the ability to solve problems for any company. Our employees are creative, positive oriented and have the intention to work with mutual respect to each other. Commitment to our customers, quality and responsibility are our most important values 

Discover our Smart Hands service  

Our team is ready to support technical issues on a wide range of networks and equipment, including Smart Hands service. We can quickly anticipate problems and we are specialized to find the right solutions in any environment Are you looking for Smart Hands service for your company in Bamako? Please contact us!  

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