Test & Turnup

Test & Turnup
Services for activation of infrastructure equipment for operational for use. Ensuring that equipment is installed and configured by providing technical support throughout activation process.
  • Switches
    Switch equipment installation, cabling and activation.
  • Routers
    Router equipment installation, cabling and activation.
  • Servers
    Server equipment installation, cabling and activation.
  • Firewalls
    Security equipment installation, cabling and activation.
  • Terminal servers
    OOB installation, cabling and activation.
Test & Turnup
Test & Turnup
Telesol Group understands the importance of deploying ICT equipment that is ready to integrate into your network. Upon completion of any equipment deployment, our team ensures that the equipment is handed over with accurate “as-built” documentation and, if allowed, detailed site photographs. As-built documentation includes physical hardware location elevations, and accurate host to port information to ensure an efficient handover. Our technicians can assist with initial device configuration and perform validation testing of equipment and connections. The customer is provided with extensive test reports showing the parameters set out in the client service delivery SLA. 
  • Installation commissioning
    Equipment fully commissioned and ready to integrate.
  • As-built documentation
    Every deployment is delivered with accurate documentation regarding rack elevations, patching schedules, and test results.
  • Cable analysis test results
    Structured cabling delivered with manufacturer and industry-standard test results.
  • Device configuration
    Equipment fully configured to your specifications and ready to integrate.
  • Patching and cross-connect documentation
    All patching fully labeled and documented.

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