Site Survey

Site Survey in data centres

Before starting the deployment of any hardware, a site survey is carried out. To be able to carry out the site survey, our specialists come on site. By using a checklist, all necessary information is collected.
The site survey we perform for all our clients in telecommunications includes: documented inspection of the building access procedures, security, colocation space inspection and power inspection. The checlist standard consists of the following items:

  • Capture details of the facility (confirm site address, access procedures, parking, delivery/removal process)
  • Capture details of the customer cage (confirm room/rack codes, distance between cage and loading bay, any possible issues that could arise when working in that cage)
  • Capture details of the customer racks (dimensions including the height in RU, confirm rack codes, and type of lockson rack doors)
  • Detailed photos of the customer cage/racks

In addition, there are a number of items on the checklist that depend on the specific customer requirements. These are the items below:

  • Detailed rack elevation drawings of the customer racks (including device model/hostname)
  • Audit power (list the available power in each rack, map all power connections within each rack)
  • Full patching audit (trace and document all connections in the customer racks)
  • Measure cable runs between each rack.
  • Capture details of the fire suppression system.


Site Survey
Site Survey

The purpose of the site survey is to collect information. Based on this information, there can be determined what work may need to be done before the hardware deployment can begin. The careful execution of a site survey thus contributes to limiting downtime and outages in data centres during and after the deployment of the hardware. 

The specialists of TeleSol Group are able to perform a smooth site survey. In addition, we can then take care of all the hardware deployment. So are you looking for a reliable partner who can help you with all aspects of site surveys and hardware deployment? Feel free to contact us!

We are happy to help you!

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