Rack and Stack

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Placing hardware inside a datacenter, into cabinets and racks, is called rack and stack.

The term rack and stack originates from the activity of the equipment being mounted in your rack before being transported to a datacenter to be stacked. Hereby the assembly of computer hardware is configured in an effective way.

Racking stands for the assembly and implementation processes of computer equipment for companies. This concerns cables, network equipment, routers and servers. This ensures that server nodes and components connect to each other and then can be transported. Eventually, this will simplify on-site maintenance for your company.

Stacking stands for implementing and transporting the racks.

By racking and stacking your server racks, you can immediately use your data center. A proper implementation reduces the waiting time and ensures that the “rack” can be deployed earlier. The Specialists of the TeleSol Group are deployed to ensure that the process runs successfully. They delve into the brand of the hardware and the rack.

While your servers can be at the heart of your organization's success, maintaining and assembling your servers can be challenging. Rack and stack is an elementary procedure, but if done incorrectly this procedure could lead into a disastrous outcome.

TeleSol Group will assist you in every step from design, to equipment installation and cabling and to delivery. Our technicians will ensure that you are no longer affected by any obstacles.

Rack and Stack

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