Technical Support

TeleSol Group provides quality on-site technical support to a wide range of businesses, including international network service providers, financial institutions, media service providers, cloud service providers, and major IT equipment vendors. TeleSol Group employs a team of technicians that provide datacentre support in all major internet exchanges. Our team boasts a wide array of skill sets, ranging from hardware troubleshooting to devise configuration. Either working as a team on larger projects or independently, our technicians maintain the high level of professionalism expected by our clients. Our team is ready to support technical issues on a wide range of networks and equipment, including but not constrained to:
  • Subsea landing stations
    Specialised subsea optical support. 
  • International fiber optic networks
    Specialised fiber optical network support.
  • Remote amplifier sites
    Optical amplifier support.
  • Metro Networks
    Every component of a metro network is supported.
  • Customer premises equipment
    Service provider equipment supported at the customer site.
  • Equipment vendors:
  1. Cisco
  2. Juniper
  3. Ciena
  4. Nokia
  5. ADVA

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