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TeleSol Group works worldwide. TeleSol Group is not limited to any particular region. Our team routinely deploys technicians to sites worldwide and has so far covered over 30 separate countries. Having spent years establishing a network of technicians in most major cities worldwide, TeleSol Group provides a seamless service where and when it is required. Our Team will arrange a technician with the correct skill-set, language, and materials to arrive on-site anywhere. The fiber optic hubs of Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and London demand a constant presence of our technicians, and Telesol Group has a distinguished existence in servicing some of the largest international network service providers in each of these locations.
  • Multilingual technicians
    Proficient in English and regional languages.
  • Site-specific local knowledge.
    Valuable knowledge of sites in a number of different regions.
  • Global coverage
    We are serving all major economic areas around the world.

Global coverage


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